welcome to Halfknits!

We are a group of volunteers, dedicated to helping others one stitch at a time!

Our mission is simple: to use our skill and our time to touch the world and build friendships with one another.

We are a volunteer organization based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We knit and crochet items for various charities locally and abroad.

Halfknits started in May of 2004 with a small group of friends, and what started as a hobby quickly became a labor of love. In our first year we made over 100 afghans, 40 sweater sets, and thousands of hats -- and we are still going strong! We donate our items to Battered Women's Shelters, Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, JPS Hospital in Fort Worth, Angel Covers, the Galilee School in Kenya, Syktyvkar Baby Orphanage in Russia and the homeless in Dallas and Fort Worth.

Since we are 100% volunteers our only cost is yarn and shipping. We operate with member donations, garage sales and private donations.

Halfknits gives us a chance to be creative and give to the world with whatever time we have, wherever we are. Halfknits is a place to help others.

Feel free to browse our site to see what we are up to and how you can help! For more information on Halfknits click the informational links above.